Air Design Studio


Founded in 2018 by Romain Vauchez, Air Design Studio is an eco-design agency based in Besançon.

Product design

This is our core business with more than 20 years of experience in many fields and several awards to our credit.
Above all, we love to find simple and elegant solutions to complex problems!

Website design

We also create tailor-made websites, elegantly coded by us


Upstream of an eco-design study, we carry out eco-design diagnostics to support you in your environmental approach.
The diagnosis and the study can be largely subsidised by ADEME and are supervised by the Pôle eco-conception.

Our approach

Simplicity is one of the keys to our work. It allows to combine innovation, elegance and economy of resources.
We apply this approach, which is both creative and rigorous, to each of your projects. Each new object, each new site is an opportunity to start from a blank page and to question all our assumptions.
This allows us to focus on the essentials, which is understanding and responding to your request, however complex, in the simplest and most accurate way.

Romain Vauchez

Born in the Jura in 1975, Romain Vauchez holds a Higher Diploma in Applied Arts from La Marinière-Terreaux in Lyon, obtained in 1999.
He worked for ten years in China where he was able to confront his creativity with the reality of production in fields as varied as luggage, electronics, tableware and watchmaking.
This alliance between technical knowledge and enlightened imagination has been rewarded several times, in particular with a Red Dot "Best of the best" award for the P-Per ecological telephone.
Romain also speaks regularly at Franche-Comté University, where he teaches creativity in Mechanical Engineering.
He also leads the “User Experience” workshops at Hacking Health in Besançon, where he is a recurring coach.

air bureau romain vauchez
earphones bt

Ecouteurs BT


Pills of joy

earphones box bt



Some projects in the Hanmac universe.

pen wallets in situ small wallet inside big wallet inside display interactive display in situ interactive display earphones box phone sketches interior design interior design

Hanmac Knight


Smartphone for the Chinese luxury market, on the theme of the Knight.
The challenge was to go beyond the demanding constraints of a phone to make it a unique, precious object while integrating the aesthetic codes of chivalry.

knight phone phone sketch phone family shield

Octovo packaging


Its packaging has become the most innovative product of the Octovo brand.
Emphasis has been placed on a minimum carbon footprint while offering a maximum user experience.
This design allows to save, per unit, 17l of water, 100% plastic, 0,24kg of CO2, despite a cost 75% lower than the previous version.
The user experience is not to be outdone with a refined, elegant opening.

closed packaging opened packaging packaging notice
lampe solis

Octovo Solis


Light for the amazon Kindle.
Hours of testing were necessary to find the best possible lightning (technology to use, color and intensity of the light, positioning, autonomy, etc.).
Particular attention was also paid to the ease of use, with an automatic lightning on opening and a magnetic closure.

lampe solis lampe solis utilisation lampe solis test lampe solis design

Etui Octovo


Splash-proof soft case for the Amazon Kindle.
The technical PE/PU fabric with soft touch, the thick printing over the buttons and the seamless assembly place this product at the edge between leather goods and electronics.

sleeve utilisation sleeve détail
pyrex pile



Multi-function kitchen container, proposal for Pyrex.

pyrex pyrex advantages
air purifier

Purificateur Airgle


Mobile air purifier, from the inside out.
The redesigned internal architecture allows to improve both the use and the performances of the product.

air purifier site air purifier advantages air purifier technical
loopbag messenger



Global concept for the creation of the Loopbag brand.
A unique design approach allowed to harmoniously match everything : from the name to the products, including the visual identity.

loopbag cdbag utilisation loopbag cdbag detail loopbag cdbag open loopbag backpack utilisation loopbag backpack open loopbag messenger utilisation loopbag messenger double loopbag messenger detail loopbag curve loopbag logo



Study on the uses and possibilities offered by new technologies, here with color electronic paper. The study is here applied on an ecological smartphone. Red Dot Concept Award, mention "Best of the best".

p-per p-per exploded

Ebe, salad bowl


ebe utilisation ebe detail
LE bag



Collection of bags, for Apple users.

LE bag back LE bag open LE bag back LE vertigo LE vertigo open



sirocco lekima